Individual Counselling

Life can feel lonely at times. Even if we are surrounded by family and friends we may still feel that we have no one to turn to. Whatever the reason, individual counselling will allow you time and space to explore what is going on for you in a safe non-judgemental uninterrupted space.

Perhaps you are going through a personal crisis: someone you love has died, your relationship has ended; you have lost your job; you feel overwhelmed or anxious by circumstances in your life or your future is very uncertain. You may be experiencing feelings of sadness, grief, anxiety, anger and you feel you have little control of these feelings. Or, it is less obvious than this. You may be feeling really ready to look at the patterns in your life that ultimately hurt you and others around you. Sometimes it is the difficult life transitions and painful experiences that can provide us with the opportunities to restore balance and vitality, to move away from limiting ideas and beliefs.

The way I work is based on the simple premise that the quality of the working relationship we build is key to the therapy being effective. The time is yours and my role is to help you through the process by creating a safe place in which you feel comfortable to talk through the personal and difficult areas in your life. I work with the issues that you bring, at a pace which is right for you and will support you in exploring options that help you reach a decision that feels right for you.

Alfredo Gonzalez, Belfast