Depression and Loss

"I lost my relationship and my job and was at an all time low, I had gone to see many counsellors, many of whom didn’t help me. Jean did. She was real with me, she listened, she recognised my pain, I felt she was with me in my pain and wasn’t scared of it. Quite simply I wouldn’t have turned my life around without her. She was only one I could trust and who gave me the care and support I needed."

J, 54

"I was scared going to my first counselling session but Jean was warm, welcoming and professional. She put me at ease and I was able to say things to her that I had never told anyone before. I was able to understand my behaviour and my pain so much more and to gradually change my life. I was able to put old ghosts to rest and enjoy my life again."

B, 39


"Going to counselling was so helpful. I was really anxious, couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t settle, was wakening up every night and felt so vulnerable. I felt I had lost everything and didn’t know where to turn. Through being listened to and heard, I came to understand some of why I was behaving the way I was and through Jean’s gentle probing I was able to look at my attitudes and behaviour and see how it was making things worse. I am so grateful that I had the courage to pick up the phone and make an appointment. Money well spent."

A, 41

"I have had many problems through out my life and seeing Jean has been a lifesaver for me. I never thought I could change my life around in the way I have. Counselling was painful at times, looking at things that had happened in the past, but Jean supported me and was my ally during this process. She allowed me to express my painful emotions, give me hope that I could survive and I did."

L, 60

Body Centred Psychotherapy

"Jean really helped me to feel my emotions, I had cut off from my body and was living in my head. I was just like an automaton, going through the emotions. My relationship had broken down and I was devastated. Jean sat with me and gradually I was able to come into my body and to feel again and eventually connect with friends again and not feel so alone or separate. Jean allowed me to feel safe enough to feel some of my emotions and to feel my fears. I never felt judged, I felt heard and valued and gradually came to believe again that it was safe enough for me to speak what I was feeling and that I could survive what I had experienced. "

K, 53

Couple Counselling

"I feel excellent progress has been made in our relationship and wish I had considered the counselling earlier. Although difficult and painful at times, having a neutral and honest assessment of our needs was extremely beneficial "

J, 33

"Jean is such a good counsellor, she gives an excellent service. We had just got civil partnered and thought it would be the happiest days of our lives, but we were struggling in our relationship. Though counselling we learned how to sort out our differences without hurting each other and we have grown closer together. We would go and see Jean if the need arises but we are able to talk things out now and realise how we wind up each other. We are now practicing how to put what we have learned into practice. Thank you"

M, 36 and D, 38

"My husband and I still loved each other but couldn’t find a way through. We had stopped communicating with each other and were living separate lives and were pretty much done. For the sake of the children we thought we would go and see a counsellor. We went to see Jean and it really helped us, we got to understand at a deeper level what the problems were, how we had stopped supporting each other and most importantly how to fix. We are still married and the children are thriving."

E, 39 and W, 43

Food and Body Image

"I hated my body and went to see Jean to lose weight. I got so much more than that. I was surprised at what I found out. I got to understand why I was eating and how food was an emotional crutch for me and how it was easier to hate my body and myself, rather than deal with some of the hateful and horrible things that had happened to me in my life."

C, 44

"My life looked perfect on the outside but had crumbled on the inside. I was feeling desperate and just couldn’t cope any more. I was binge eating and hating myself. It was a long and tough journey but with Jean’s knowledge, skills and understanding I have stopped striving for the perfect life and the perfect me. Instead I have opened up to friends and family and am much happier."

S, 34


"Jean has a real gift to connect with people and to understand them. I had tried talking to other therapists and it hadn’t helped. When I spoke to Jean she understood this and suggested that we see each other outside and and be in nature. I found this so healing and less intimidating. It allowed me to feel my breath, to feel my legs, to feel the earth beneath me, I felt less alone. Jean and nature helped soothe me and allowed me to heal"

T, 53

Equine Assisted Therapy

"Working with Sage, the horse and with Jean changed me. I would never have believed it. The horse taught me so much, for the first time I didn’t feel judged. I was in the presence of a powerful gentle animal that I bonded with and feel connected to. I hadn’t felt this safe before and could speak and feel more freely. Jean supported me gently through out this. "

D, 43