Nature Based Therapy

Whilst traditional talking therapy can help many people, using the natural environment as a therapeutic resource offers an alternative to traditional talking therapies. There is wide recognition of the natural world as a positive resource for our mental and physical wellbeing, help calm the nervous system, lower blood pressure and boost positive feelings.

Therapy in Nature allows for time to pause and experience nature, to listen to the natural sounds around you, feel the earth underneath your feet and the soil in your hands. Being in nature offers us the opportunity to be in the present moment where we take time to be still and silent and absorb the raw beauty of their natural surroundings. In this tranquil environment people come to rediscover their natural ability to heal and to experience themselves at their best.

Blackbird on Tree by Alfredo Gonzalez, Belfast

As part of my services, I am offering opportunities for clients to connect more deeply with the healing that nature can provide. Nature may occasionally be integrated into your therapy through encouraging you to engage with nature in a mindful way between sessions, through the use of natural materials in the therapy room, by fostering the benefits of a room with a view and where appropriate to your individual needs, by taking therapy sessions outdoors. This may not suit everyone so only occurs if you are interested in engaging in this process and after discussion.